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About US

Cloud Storage Corp is a global IT parts distributor based in Hays, KS. First and foremost, we are known for our excellent quality standard. IT resellers and end users choose to buy from Cloud Storage when they need affordably priced server components that they know they can count on. Reliable products and dependable team members are the cornerstones of our business. 

We specialize in both refurbished and new products across a wide range of components. We sell memory, networking cards, HDDs, SSDs, transceivers, processors, GPUs, and servers.

At Cloud Storage Corp, we strive to make the buying experience as smooth as possible. You can count on us to process your order correctly the first time. We have a large warehouse situated in the central United States, and our listed stock is on-hand and ready to ship on the same day.

When it’s crunch time, it’s time to call Cloud.


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Our Commitment

To serve as a dependable IT parts distributor for our customers, we provide reliable products and cost effective solutions to resellers, data centers and IT parts users. Our goal is to be the company our customers call when it’s crunch time – to provide same day solutions through exceptional quality products at affordable prices. When it’s crunch time, it’s time to call Cloud.

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Our Team

The experienced team at Cloud Storage is dedicated to providing a superior IT purchasing experience. We attribute our success to our employees commitment, training and work ethic. Our Purchasing, Receiving, Testing, Engineering, Sales and Shipping teams are comprised of individuals from all walks of life who have come together to provide an exceptional experience. We pride ourselves on our cross-training programs that are designed to produce employees who have hands-on experience with multiple facets of our business. We believe that the more people who can see the big picture the better the experience will be for all parties involved.

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Our customers expect it,
and we deliver it.

Our team takes the guesswork out of replacement parts. We stick to the highest standards of quality control in the industry.

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Our Vision

The circulation of IT parts is an efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly business practice. It’s the right thing to do. We are proud to be in this industry and to be a mission critical partner to our customers the world over. Our team strives to adhere to the most rigorous receiving, inspection, testing, warehousing and shipping standards so our customers know that the parts they receive are ready for immediate deployment. The world spins far too quickly to second guess sketchy replacements.

Our team takes the guesswork out of replacement parts. We stick to the highest standards of quality control in the industry. Located in western Kansas, we have plenty of room. Our warehouse is fully stocked with the newest products as well as hard-to-find legacy components and compatible alternatives. We’re a one-stop shop for all of our customer’s IT hardware needs. Our knowledgeable, experienced staff are ready to help solve your company’s next IT hardware problem.