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IT Asset Disposition

Getting rid of out-dated, unused, or broken IT equipment is never as simple as it sounds. Cloud Storage Corp can help make this process easier, faster and less expensive by purchasing your equipment directly for resale or recycling.

Old assets, even non-functional equipment, can still have sensitive data stored on the device. This information is often retrievable and if these unwanted assets are sold directly to the secondary market that old data can go with them. This is an increasingly common way that data breaches happen. Cloud Storage can help you dispose of your discarded IT assess in a safe, secure and cost-effective manner. We have an experienced team, top-rated software and equipment and expert partners to securely and completely erase your company’s data before disposing of old equipment. At the end of the process we can provide a comprehensive report detailing each step and certifying that all data was destroyed


Cloud Storage follows all regulatory requirements when processing hardware recycling. We have R2 partners to provide us with professional recycling. You can track the cleaning results of each device or part through the report. Our report will give our customer detail information include, serial numbers, asset tags, and part number. We know the data security is important. Cloud Storage has professional software and hardware equipment to erase the information in the storage device to ensure that our customer’s data will not be leaked. Data erase standard DoD 5220.22-M.


Cloud Storage Corp follows all regulatory requirements when processing hardware for recycling. Data erasure will be done on-site adhering to DoD 5220.22-M standards and equipment will then be passed to our R2 certified recycling partners for final disposal. Our sales team responds to your inquiries 24/7, and provides detailed sales reports and tracking for your items.

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Cloud Storage buys many different types of excess IT equipment.

Our purchasing team and technical team will seriously evaluate your products and wipe data. 

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