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Memory Knowledge

What is HPE SmartMemory

Maximum reliability and performance help you realize a faster return on your IT investment.

HP SmartMemory is unique technology introduced for HP ProLiant Gen8 servers that unlocks certain features available only on HP Qualified Server memory. HP SmartMemory enables HP ProLiant Gen8 systems to reliably identify and verify whether installed memory has passed HP’s rigorous qualification and test processes. And because the memory is authenticated, certain extended memory performance features can be enabled through the system ROM. HP SmartMemory will allow future support enhancements through HP Active Health System and other management software.

HP SmartMemory is ideal for users who want assurance of buying genuine HP Qualified memory that is performance tuned for HP ProLiant servers, and capable of future enhanced support through HP Active Health and other management software.

What are the key benefits of HP SmartMemory?
  • Increased reliability since the memory undergoes an authentication process that verifies qualification has been performed on HP platforms.
  • Performance tuned and optimized for HP ProLiant servers.
  • Future enhanced support through HP Active Health System.
Is HP SmartMemory using proprietary memory technology?

HP SmartMemory uses industry standard memory that has been validated on HP systems. Since the memory has completed HP’s rigorous test processes on HP platforms, every memory characteristic is known to have met the highest standards.

Will 3rd Party DDR3 memory work in my HP ProLiant server?

Yes. HP supports the Customers’ right to choose other memory suppliers but is confident in HP’s quality and innovation. Features that are supported today for 3rd Party memory such as pre-failure alerting and error event logging in the IML will remain the same. Enhanced memory performance features that go beyond processor/chipset manufacturer POR specifications for memory speed and power requirements will be unique to HP SmartMemory as they are a benefit of our system-level engineering skills.

Will 3rd Party DDR3 memory work in my HP ProLiant server?

Optimizes HPE servers and enables the activation of exclusive HPE server memory features Operates at 2933 MT/s data transfer speeds, 22% faster than 2400 MT/s in Gen9 servers Authenticated and qualified to ensure HPE server compatibility Delivers advanced error detection and correction features to improve performance, reduce downtime and lower energy costs. HPE Fast Fault Tolerance feature monitors and corrects DRAM device failures while allowing remaining memory to run at full speed Uses the HPE Integrated Lights Out remote management system to provide rapid insight into and resolutions for memory-related problems Available in a variety of capacities, from 8 GB to 16 GB and from 8 GB RDIMMs to 128 GB LRDIMM


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