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We Provide Best
Cloud Storage Solutions


IaaS Hosting

IaaS hosted systems built with easily scalable enterprise level resources deployed in isolated environments with strict security controls

Cloud Backup

An easily managed cloud backup solution with built in multiple site redundancy and client controlled encryption, job scheduling, retention and retrieval.

Disaster Recovery

Combines backup, managed standby, compute, storage and network infrastructure resources for quick and easy restoration of your vaulted data.

High Availability

Consists of full-time enterprise system, storage and network resources allowing you to quickly and easily switch production workloads to our cloud when needed.


ISO27001, NIST and CIS standards and best practices for security.


24/7 system and networking monitoring, update, and patches


Our infrastructure redundancy includes N+1 throughout the entire infrastructure

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IBM Cloud Support

IBM Cloud Support is designed to allow you to choose the support options that best meet the needs of your organization, while adding value and reducing costs. All hosted services include 24/7 system and networking monitoring, hardware updates, network and firewall security patches, 24/7 hardware and software maintenance. Our infrastructure redundancy includes N+1 throughout the entire infrastructure all supported by 3 shifts of expert staff.


ezMonitor gives businesses and their IT staff confidence that their systems are running at peak performance with continuous 24/7 monitoring of health and critical jobs to aid in better decisions.

  • 24/7 system health monitoring including message queue, error logs, CPU, memory and storage

  • Automated data collection and logging

  • Reporting for key service metrics and compliance

  • Automated alerts with flexible email and text notification options

  • Alert, System Error and Event analysis and recommendations

  • Capacity planning and recommendations

  • Supported by 3 shifts of expert engineers

Patch, PTF, and Upgrade

Keep your operating system patched and up to date as part of a monthly service. All updates are reviewed, coordinated, scheduled and installed to meet your business requirements.

  • Patches include security and other recommended updates in between major OS releases

  • PTFs are program temporary fixes for IBM i OS and license programs

  • Upgrades and migrations to newer OS releases and hardware when required

Admin Support and Management

Remote administration to assist system administrators with advanced issues, problem determination and resolution. This allows the system administrators to be more efficient and responsive to user’s needs.

  • Expert support staff combined with system error and event monitoring

  • Automated 24/7 health monitoring of systems, console and OS related events

  • Second level helpdesk support 8/5 ET to assist with system-related issues

  • Target 2-hour response and 4-hour resolution to critical issues and loss of service

  • Assistance with IBM and other Manufacturer support

  • System health checks to maintain system standards

Complete System Management

Complete management and primary responsibility for system problem determination, and resolution.

Performance Analysis Service

Automated data collection and performance metrics to optimize your system for maximum productivity and ROI.

  • Setup performance monitoring and data collection

  • Automated alerts when exceeding performance thresholds

  • Review system performance monthly or as needed

  • Analyze system resource utilization for capacity planning and recommendations

Network Change Services

Subscription service covering SSL VPN user changes, support for client managed DR tests and firewall changes after the successful Client onboarding.

Replication Management

Management and monitoring for HA system replication including daily health checks, release updates, fixing out of sync conditions assuring your target system is ready and available when needed for testing and disaster declaration.

Backup Management

Backups are monitored for successful completion; daily health checks are performed, and any issues are investigated and resolved assuring backups are complete and successful.