Information Technology Specialist (Hays, Kansas)
An Information Technology Specialist is sought by a global IT hardware distributor to perform the following duties:
· Test, maintain, and monitor computer programs and systems, including vSphere ESXi, Windows Server 2012 R2 Active Directory, CentOS (LAMP/LEMP) Server for development environment, Sophos Firewall, etc.
· Configure and install computer programs and systems, adjust the operating system and firmware version for the server and modify components of system when necessary;
· Design and implement company network topology and data assurance; develop backup components for system state backup, deploy NAS backup/storage system for Surveillance Camera System, MySQL Database, JIRA Ticketing System, file server, Windows server, ESXI virtual machines and other relevant system applications;
· Organize and analyze data collected from SOS inventory platform and JIRA platform; integrate SOS inventory data, JIRA ticketing system data and test report to company’s database;
· Analyze and report computer network security breaches or attempted breaches; create and test disaster recovery procedures to keep IT running in the event of a security breach;
· Maintain company website and internal website, design and maintain web applications, such as sales analysis and sales history application, eBay search application and chrome extension application; analyze website traffic and sales activities to determine progress toward efficacy of the current website interface
· Diagnose, troubleshoot, and resolve hardware, software, or other network and system problems, and replace defective components when necessary;
· Evaluate existing information technology systems and draft reports of the performance of current systems; recommend new or emerging IT systems;

Required Skills and Qualities:
· Master’s degree in Cyber Security or related fields;
· VMware Certified
· High proficiency in programming languages, including CSS, PHP, JavaScript, HTML and jQuery;
· Rich knowledge of database implementations, including MySQL/MySQL database;
· Solid understanding of programming theory, and excellent debugging skills;
· Strong ability in critical thinking, data analysis, and (networking) troubleshooting;
· Highly-motivated team player with ability to handle multi-tasks within deadlines.
Apply to Cloud Storage Corp. at 1305 Canterbury Dr., Hays, Kansas, 67601.

Risk Management Specialist (Hays, Kansas)
Risk Analysis and Management Services (80% of the time):
· Gather risk-related data from internal or external resources to identify key risks and factors trigger those risks;
· Execute assessment of quality controls for the defined critical suppliers for the company to reduce inventory risk;
· Conduct statistical analyses to quantify risk using statistical analysis software or econometric models;
· Devolve or implement risk-assessment models; devise systems and processes to monitor validity of risk modeling outputs;
· Identify and analyze areas of potential risk to the assets, earning capacity, inventory control or success of organizations; monitor risks by managing the company’s daily question website;
· Apply business impact analysis processes to identify the financial and operational impacts of risk exposures for company’s suppliers;
· Determine potential environmental impacts of new products or processes on long-term growth and profitability;
· Develop plans or ways that will control, reduce, avoid, or eliminate liabilities and losses within the company.

Reports Preparation (20% of the time):
· Produce reports or presentations that outline findings, explain risk positions, or recommend changes and present those findings to the management of the company;
· Compile data and information into streamlined reports with graphs and statistics to support findings;
· Prepare regulatory or compliance documentation.

Job requirements:
· Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or other related field;
· Possessing knowledge in business operation, risk management, strategic management and corporate finance;
· Be able to work in a challenging situation.
Please mail your current resume and cover letter to Cloud Storage Corp. at 1305 Canterbury Dr., Hays, Kansas, 67601.
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